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Pueblo Nuevo

Pueblo Nuevo has its own Ramblas, and they are a 5 minutes walk from the La Luz Barcelona. You will find lots of typical Spanish restaurants offering tapas or paella. Dinner is rather late in Spain, you can sit and eat outside or just stroll along the Ramblas and enjoy the warm outdoors life.

The Ramblas of Pueblo Nuevo are very lively. In the day time, during siesta time (from approximately 1 PM until 4 PM), many local restaurants offer a lunch menu which consists of a starter, a main course with dessert and a drink, for less than 10 Euro. Andalucia, for example, is a nice simple warm day restaurant, at Ramon Turro, one block down from La Luz. Or turn right on Ramon Turro and sit down at Tras Paso. Around 5 PM these restaurants close and dinner is a more formal affair, late in the evening. On your way to Las Ramblas de Pueblo Nuevo (Poble Nou), you find the local old centre with little shops selling olives, fish or other local products. A bit hidden away behind the pedestrian street, you'll find the indoor market, with lots of smoked ham, jamon serrano, chorizo or delicious cheese. There is a big supermarket on the top floor (Mercadona).

A few examples of well known Spanish restaurants close by La Luz are:
  • La Orka, As you walk out of La Luz, turn left in the direction of the beach and it is right there on the pier,
  • Els Pescadors, Placa Prim 1,
  • Cala Blanca, calle Dr. Trueta, 211 near the Rambla of Poblenou

Of course you also have the wide range of restaurants directly on Las Ramblas de Pueblo Nuevo

The new shopping mall Diagonal Mar, in front of the Forum, has lots of clothing and fashion shops. "Rebajas" (sales) take place several times a year; watch out for the "segundo rebaja", following the initial sales, it is even cheaper. Keep in mind that clothes are already normally a lot cheaper than in Northern Europe. The shopping mall offers an indoor food court and a big outdoor terrace with lots of restaurants. In front of the door you will find the tram stop if you want to go along Diagonal to Les Glories, where a big flee market is held on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. It's also the tram line for the Barcelona Zoo